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1000w led flood light


1000W led flood light is widely used in various indoor and outdoor scenes as a kind of high-power lighting equipment. On large-scale construction sites, through the use of 1000W led flood light in large quantities, workers can also operate efficiently at night as in the daytime. In large warehouses, 1000W led flood lig HT can also be a great show, all kinds of materials can be very good to confirm their own route, loading and unloading can be very efficient. In large-scale competitions in stadiums and gymnasiums, lighting devices such as 1000W led flood light can let the audience see every moment of the game, adding to the excitement of the game. In the big stalls at night in the city, 1000W led flood light can also be used for lighting to ensure that guests enjoy a variety of delicacies. 1000W led flood light is very efficient in energy use and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

The product of  1000w led flood light

As a highly popular product, JR309-1000W has its own distinct advantages in using characteristics and functional parameters.

1000w led flood light Description

● Professional cooling structure technology, inside and outside air ducts design, high efficiency heat dissipation performance
● IP67 protection level, LED module has IP68 protection level
● A variety of lens options to meet different application requirements for light distribution, optical PC lens, uniform glare-free brightness
● Freely assembled different numbers of modules for different power, highly adaptable functionality
● All-metal structure, high mechanical strength
● Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports field, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc.

1000w led flood light Specification

Model: JR309-1000W
Power(W): 1000
EPI  Number: 16
Luminous  Flux(Lm): 110000/150000
Voltage(V): AC100-277V、DC24V、DC48V
CRI(Ra): >70
Beam Angle: 25°、40°、60°、90°、110°
CCT(K): 3000~6000
Environment  Temperature : -40~50℃
Life Time(H): ≥50000
Ctn/Pcs: 1
N.W/G.W(KG): 37.6/41.2
Packing size(mm): 770×750×350

1000w led flood lights for sale

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