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1000w led stadium lights


Large sports venues often have various competitions in the evening. 1000W led stadium lights is an important equipment to illuminate the whole venue at night. When the stadium illuminates, many lights intersect and cooperate with each other to achieve the lighting effect. After fixing 1000W led stadium lights on the spot, not only the requirements of illumination and uniformity on the horizontal plane, illumination and uniformity on the vertical plane should be satisfied, but also the incident angle of light should be controlled so as not to cause glare to the players in the moving position and field of view, affecting the level of play, and also not to spill into the auditorium. In addition to the design of light distribution, the glare control of lamps also relies on the shading structure of lamps to reduce glare. 1000W led stadium lights can meet the above requirements perfectly.

1000w led stadium lights Characteristic

1000W led stadium lights are usually mounted on the side of the illuminated area for projection. The projection angle of the beam is at some angle with the illuminated surface. Therefore, when the spot shape of the lamp is circular, the spot projected into the illuminated area will become a flat ellipse shape. Only if the spot of the lamp is flat and long, the spot projected into the illuminated area will form a circular covering a larger area. The light distribution of this kind of lamp with flat and long spot has two symmetrical types or one symmetrical type. The lamp with circular spot shape belongs to the rotational symmetry type, which is seldom used. 1000W led stadium lights should have flexible, accurate and reliable sighting adjustment device. In the installation process of lamps, the aim of lamps is the last step to complete the installation. Aiming at the target position of lighting designer, the design level of illumination and uniformity can be achieved.

1000w led stadium lights JR309 description

●Professional cooling structure technology, inside and outside air ducts design, high efficiency heat dissipation performance

●IP67 protection level, LED module has IP68 protection level

●A variety of lens options to meet different application requirements for light distribution, optical PC lens, uniform glare-free brightness

●Freely assembled different numbers of modules for different power, highly adaptable functionality

●All-metal structure, high mechanical strength

●Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports field, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc.

1000w led stadium lights JR309 description specification

Model No.: JR309-1000W

Power(W): 1000

EPI Number: 16

Input Voltage: AC100-277V、DC24V、DC48V

Luminous Flux:110000 / 150000lm

CRI(Ra): >70

Beam Angle: 25°40°60°90°110°

CCT: 3000-6000K

Environment temperature: - 40°~50°C

Life Time: ≥50000H

Ctn/Pcs: 1

N.W: 37.6KGS

G.W: 41.2KGS

Size: 770*750*350MM

1000w led stadium lights for sale

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