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2019 New Arrival Cob ip65 100w 150w 200w 250w 300w 400w 500W Modern flood light outdoor led flood lighting


Nowadays, Modern flood lights are used more and more conveniently. They are seldom used in household decoration. They are generally used in garden decoration or shed lighting. They produce highly diffuse, directionless light rather than clear-cut light beams. The resulting shadows are soft and transparent. When they are used for object lighting, the speed of illumination weakening is much slower than when they are illuminated with spotlights. Even some floodlights, which are very slowly attenuated, look like a source of light that does not produce shadows.

Modern flood light JR307 description

1、Adopts air duct heat dissipation design, the overall weight of light fixture is reduced with good heat dissipation performance, reduces luminous depreciation, extends the lifespan of the light source. Uses the mainstream CHEM modular design, effectively reduces after-sale maintenance costs

2、Sturdy and durable, long working life, reaching 50,000 hours; does not need frequent lamps change, does not need regular maintenance

3、Quick response, flicker free, wide working voltage range

4、The LEDs use polycrystalline packaging, high luminous efficiency, stable performance, low luminous depreciation, no damage LED

5、Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports field, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc.

Modern flood light JR307 specification

Model No.: JR307-100W

Power(W): 100W

EPI Number: 2

Input Voltage: AC100-277V、DC24V、DC48V

Luminous Flux:13000lm/15000lm

CRI(Ra): >70

Beam Angle: 25°40°60°90°

CCT: 3000-6000K

Environment temperature: - 40°~50°C

Life Time: ≥50000H

Ctn/Pcs: 1

N.W: 4.9KGS

G.W: 5.8KGS

Size: 410*310*160MM

Model No.: JR307-500W

Power(W): 500W

EPI Number: 10

Input Voltage: AC100-277V、DC24V、DC48V

Luminous Flux: 65000lm/75000lm

CRI(Ra): >70

Beam Angle: 25°40°60°90°

CCT: 3000-6000K

Environment temperature: - 40°~50°C

Life Time: ≥50000H

Ctn/Pcs: 1

N.W: 21.4KGS

G.W: 22.5KGS

Size: 620*700*160MM

Modern flood light application

Ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting projects, including billboards, show windows, gardens, landscape, warehouses, security lighting, hall, garden, construction building, street, highways, expressway, viaduct, crossroad, footpaths, squares, villa, campus, hotel, dock, yacht club, building lighting, square, hotels, landscape lighting, stage cast light, roads, factories, commercial lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets, railway tunnels, bridges, stadiums, trees, parking lots, building walls, display, backlight and so on.

How to buy Modern flood light

When choosing floodlights, we should also pay attention to their luminous angle, wafer, colloid and other factors, which affect the price of floodlights to a certain extent. For example, the light-emitting angle of ED is different, its lighting effect is also different, the natural price is different, the general special light-emitting angle, the price is higher; and for example, different wafers, the price is very different. Wafers in Japan and the United States are more expensive. Generally, the price of wafers in Taiwan and China is lower than that in Japan and America (CREE), and the size of wafers will also affect the lighting of LED floodlights. Generally, the quality of large wafers is better than that of small wafers; and the quality of colloids is related to the service life of floodlights. If LED floodlights are used outdoors, it is better to choose LED with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant when choosing to buy them.

Modern flood light for sale

Modern flood light for sale,Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.Our main products include modern flood light, LED Street Light, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc. Free Quotes. Trained Specialists. Satisfaction Guaranteed.



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