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300w led flood light


300w led flood light uses an independent light source and ZAG lens technology, compared with similar products, the light efficiency is increased by 8%, and light transmittance reaches 98%. 300w led flood light is low profile,durable,and low maintenace. 300w led flood light adopts air duct heat dissipation technology, overall weight is reduced and good heat dissipation performance, reduces luminous depreciation and prolongs the life of the light source.

300w led flood light Construction

The high performance LED source is mounted to an aluminum heat sink which is designed to ensure proper thermal management of the system. This design allows for a cooler running LED chip which leads to longer lifetime, better efficacy, and color consistency. Fixtures are rated for an ambient operating temperature range -30°C to 40°C.

300w led flood light  specification

JR302-300W: power( 300w ) EPINumber、( 6 )、 LuminousFlux (39000/45000 Lm) 、Voltage (AC100-277V、DC24V、DC48V V) 、CRI (>70Ra)  Beam、CCT(3000~6000K)、 Environment Temperature (-40~50℃)、Life Time(≥50000 H) 、 N.W/G.W(11.3/12.9KG) 、 Packing size(590×425×255mm)

300w led flood light  application Notes

● The LEDs use polycrystalline packaging, high luminous efficiency, stable performance, low luminous depreciation, no damage LED 

● Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports fields, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc.


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