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Factory Price LED public lighting All In One IP66 50w 60w Led Street Light


Nowadays, in the city lighting system, there are many LED public lighting to choose from. Among them, LED public lighting is one of the first choice lamps in many municipal engineering construction. Can you tell us why this kind of lamp is widely used?

1、 No waste of energy

At present, LED street light is an important part of urban lighting, and it can ensure a very good effect of road lighting. Generally, the traditional street lamp is very energy-saving, because it uses high-pressure sodium lamp to light. So the light loss of this kind of street lamp is very large, which will cause the waste of energy. If the city lighting system uses LED street lights, it will not cause a huge waste of energy. So this kind of street lamp can have a wide range of applications.

2、 Alleviate power supply shortage

At present, one of the problems that the whole world needs to face is that the environmental deterioration is becoming more and more serious. So for every country, we need to urgently develop clean energy. If the city lighting system uses this kind of LED lamps, it can alleviate the problem of energy intentional contradiction in our country. At present, China's national economy is growing rapidly, and the power supply and demand is very short. But led street lamps use solar energy to generate electricity, so it can solve the problem of power supply and demand.

3、 It can replace the traditional light source very well

As a very novel energy source, this led street lamp can replace the traditional street lamp lighting very well. Because it can achieve energy-saving and efficient, not only that, when lighting can also ensure its service life. From this point of view, as a very important lighting system of the city, it is well-known.

In any case, in order to cope with the current situation of rapid urbanization, the use of LED street lighting is the general trend. This kind of lighting equipment is also very novel and efficient, and has a good display index. It is of great significance for energy saving of urban lighting.

LED public lighting SL17 description

1、 Integrative heat dissipation technology for light fixture,and high efficiency heat dissipation performance.

2、 All-metal structure,built-in power supply.

3、Double coupling IP66 protection,ultra high waterproof and dust-proof rating.

4、 Human efficacy light distribution,uniform street lighting.

5、 Regional lighting(municipal square,commercial area,parking lot,etc.)

6、 Street lighting(underground passages,residential areas,overpass,etc.)

Technology of LED public lighting

The radiator of LED public lighting adopts hollow honeycomb structure, which can form air convection at the upper and lower ends of the radiator, increase its strength and heat dissipation area, and improve the radiator capacity of LED street lamp. At the same time, the upper end of the radiator is equipped with a drainage channel to automatically discharge rainwater.

The honeycomb radiator and current controller installation box of LED street lamp are composed of a hollow heat sink in the form of a grid formed by one-time die casting. The middle part of the lower end face of the honeycomb radiator is fixedly provided with an installation platform, which closes the bottom end of the heat sink in the middle part, and the installation platform is fixedly connected with an LED chip, and the LED chip outer cover is provided with a lens, and the scattered The cross section of the heat sink is hexagonal, and the inner wall of the heat sink is provided with reinforcing ribs. The side walls between the fins in the middle of the honeycomb radiator are conductive to form a plurality of drainage channels, and the two ends of the drainage channels are respectively extended to the outside of the installation platform. The lower end of the honeycomb radiator is fixedly installed with a lamp shell. The hollow honeycomb structure can form air convection at the upper and lower ends of the radiator, increase its strength and heat dissipation area, and the upper end face of the radiator is provided with a drainage channel to automatically drain the rainwater. Compared with other radiators, the same heat dissipation area consumes less materials and has higher strength, and the drainage circuit solves the problem of dust accumulation.

LED public lighting SL17 specification

Model No.: SL17-50w

Power: 50W

Light Efficiency: 100~150Lm/w

Voltage: AC100-240V

CRI(Ra): >70

Power Factor: >0.95

CCT(K): 3000~5700

Temperature: -40~50℃

Life Time(H): ≥50000

Model No.: SL17-60w

Power: 60W

Light Efficiency: 100~150Lm/w

Voltage: AC100-240V

CRI(Ra): >70

Power Factor: >0.95

CCT(K): 3000~5700

Temperature: -40~50℃

Life Time(H): ≥50000

LED public lighting for sale

LED public lighting for sale,Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.Our main products include LED public lighting, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc. Free Quotes. Trained Specialists. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

LED public lighting Services&FAQ

1.Can I have a sample order for led light?

Yes,we welcome sample order to test and check quality,Mixed samples are acceptable.

2.What about lead time?

Sample needs 3-5 days,mass productions time needs about 25 days for large quantity.

3.ODM or OEM is acceptaed?

Yes,we can do ODM&OEM,put your logo on the light or package both are available.

4.Do you offer the guarantee for the products?

Yes,we offer 2-5 years warranty to our products.

5.How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

We usually ship by DHL,UPS,FedEx or TNT.It usally takes 3-5 days to arrive.Airline and shipping are also optional.

6.Do you have any MOQ limit for the led light order?

Low MOQ,1pcs for sample checking is available.

7How to proceed an order for led flood light?

Please contact me if you are interested in our LED products.Send inquiry to me or talk with me online.

Then I can quote you according to your requirement.You could buy same samples for checking or place bulk order directly.

8.How is the after sales service?

we have a professional team which is in charge of after-sales service,also a service hot-line dealing with your complains and feedback.

9.Any discount available for the big quantity order?

The price for our LED products can be negotiated if you have big quantity order or some projects in hand.


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