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Hot sale JR304 series 150lm/w~180lm/w led flood light, led tower light for lighting towers at construction & mining site.


Product advantages:

1. Customized high power Lumileds LED chips, luminous efficiency is up to 180Lm/W. Compared to other suppliers 3030 led chips, JR use 5050 led chips, more brighter.

2. Super high luminous efficiency, whole led light output luminous efficiency is more than 150Lm/W, which is 1.5 times higher than other brand LED, to meet the customers' requirements of high luminous flux and less weight with low power. JR 300W LED flood light can replace 1000W metal halide light on the mobile light towers, reduce the cost of an engine & generator.

3. The led tower light is IP67, it's particularly designed for harsh working condition of lighting tower to avoid light decay caused by seeping water, LED chip pollution etc during operation. Strong weather proof for varieties of complex environments use. Most flood lights on the market get IP66 only.

4. Uses an independent light source and ZAG lens technology, compared with similar products, the light efficiency is increased by 8%, and light transmittance reaches 98%.

5. Adopts air duct heat dissipation technology, overall weight is reduced and good heat dissipation performance, reduces luminous depreciation and prolongs the life of the light source.

6. Adopts the mainstream CHEM modular design, effectively reduces maintenance costs for long service. Can freely assemble difference power flood lights with different number of modules for different demands. Modular design are easy for maintenance and Easy for preparing spare parts.

7. Sturdy and durable, long working life, reaching 50,000 hours; does not need frequent light fixture changes, does not need regular maintenance.

8. Quick response, flicker free, wide voltage working range. AC100~277V and DC 24V and DC48V for solar mobile light tower.

9. The LEDs use polycrystalline packaging, high luminous efficiency, stable performance, low luminous depreciation, no damage LED.

10. 25 40 60 90degree bean angle for choose.

11. Different from regular led flood light, JR 304 led flood light processed Electrophoresis spray treatment, can get better anti-corrosion performance.

12. The thickness of bracket is 6mm, thicker than regular led flood light, in order to get the better anti-shock performance on the light towers.

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