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JR lighting new product- high-cost performance JR302 series led flood light


Material and features:

1. The main heat dissipation components of the luminaire are ultra-high heat Conduction aluminum materials, with black oxidation treatment on the surface, with high-efficiency heat conduction, high heat dissipation performance effectively reducing the temperature of LED chips, ensuring the service life of the LED;

2. Variety of lens options 20° 40° 60° 90° can meet the light distribution requirements of different application environments. Optical grade PC material lens has a uniform light output and no glare;

3. High strength 5mm thick steel bracket, works well in places with frequent vibrations environment such as construction site. 360 ° adjustable lamp projection angle, tool-free angle adjustment, fixed with high strength locknut;

4. The lens screws are fixed in a special way, which is super shockproof. It can meet the high shockproof environmental requirements such as mobile light tower etc;

5. The guide rail type chute is designed to ensure the lamp body will not fall off even if the screw is loose under vibration;

6. Global wide voltage operation, 100~277Vac 50/60Hz, conform to various general standards, easy to replace directly;

7. Durable, long service life, up to 50000 hours, no need to change lamps frequently.

8. Suitable used for the industrial place, stadium, parking lots, ports, docks, mobile light tower, mines, coal plants, etc

9. Working environment: -50℃~+50℃,10%~90%RH

10. Optional PC diffuser can effectively avoid glare.



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