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LED Bulb Manufacturers In China


Over the years, the world's growing demand for LED bulbs, LED bulb manufacturers in China as a result of the rapid rise of this demand, thus occupying a large market share. China's LED bulbs have a reputation for being inexpensive and good quality, and they are loved by people all over the world. The marketing of LED bulb manufacturers in China is constantly increasing. More and more countries have accepted Chinese products. The prosperity of the LED bulb market has further promoted the process of product development and the progress of production technology. The LED bulb manufacturers in China is becoming the main force in the industry.

LED Bulb Manufacturers In China With Popular Products

Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.Our main products include LED Flood Light, LED Street Light, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc.

Stadium Light  JR304

● Uses an independent light source and ZAG lens technology, compared with similar products, the light efficiency is increased by 8%, and light transmittance reaches 98%
● Adopts air duct heat dissipation technology, overall weight is reduced and good heat dissipation performance, reduces luminous depreciation and prolongs the life of the light source
● Adopts the mainstream CHEM modular design, effectively reduces maintenance costs for long service
● Sturdy and durable, long working life, reaching 50,000 hours; does not need frequent light fixture changes, does not need regular maintenance
● Quick response, flicker free, wide voltage working range
● The LEDs use polycrystalline packaging, high luminous efficiency, stable performance, low luminous depreciation, no damage LED
● Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports fields, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations andmobile light towers etc.

Mobile Tower Light JR310

● Independent intellectual property design, advanced technology integrated LED flood light
● Fashionable & modern design, aluminum main structural parts. Surface electrostatic coating with anti-impact, anti-corrosion and anti-shock functions
● The lamp's main body uses hollow laser processing to enhance air mobility without accumulating dust to accelerate light fixture cooling, effectively reduces wind resistance when working at high altitudes, and improves structural safety
● Main heat dissipation parts made from ultra-high heat transfer aluminum, processed by a unique forging process with high efficient thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance, effectively reduces LED Chip temperature and ensuring the service life of the LED Light
● High-intensity optical lens, with improved light transmission
● Highly reliable seal structure, sealing ring uses imported anti-aging silicone rubber, IP65 protection rating
● Uses imported high quality LED light source, low luminous depreciation, and high luminous efficiency, stable and durable
● High-strength steel bracket, has a wide range of adjustable light bracket angles
● Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports fields, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc.

LED Grow Light JR501

● Use CREE LED chips which are not only extremely powerful but they can produce the best spectrum for your indoor plants.
● High thermal conductivity aluminum alloy housing, active heat dissipation with fan.
● 380nm-780nm all usefull spectrum design.
● Modular design, easy maintenance.
● Equipped with dimming function, can adjust suitable lamp power consumption according to different growth environment.

The Past Of LED Bulb Manufacturers In China

We are a lead supplier that have been providing lighting products and services for mobile light towers manufacturers for more than 10 years. According to the hazardous environment, we specially design the lights with the anti-vibration system which got patent certification, high ingress protection, anti-voltage fluctuation, anti-current distortion and anti-corrosion surface to guarantee their using life in tough conditions.

The Future Of LED Bulb Manufacturers In China

In future, JR Lighting will continues to promote the development and innovation of advanced lighting technology, fulfills brand belief and commitment by the style of excellence, insists on quality first, honesty-based and pragmatic service for customers.



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