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Led flood lights price


In the international market, led flood lights price has attracted many people's attention, mainly because led flood lights have a wide range of applications in reality. From a technical point of view, Led flood lights illuminate objects evenly from a particular point in all directions. It's best to use them to analogize light bulbs and candles. Led flood lights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the scope of a camera or inside an object. It is common to use many different colors of LED flood lights over long distances in scenes. These led flood lights can project shadows and mix them with models. Because of the large illumination range of LED flood lights, the illumination effect of LED flood lights is very easy to predict, and this kind of light has many auxiliary uses. For example, if the LED flood lights are placed near the surface of the object, it will produce bright light on the surface of the object.

Led flood lights price and specification


ModelPower(W)EPINumberLuminousFlux(Lm)Voltage(V)CRI(Ra)Beam AngleCCT(K)EnvironmentTemperatureLife Time(H)Ctn/PcsN.W/G.W(KG)Packing size(mm)
Note:Letter “W” in the model no. stands for AC voltage; “DT” stands for DC24V; “DF” stands for DC48V.

Led flood lights price and use occasion

Led flood lights  have a wide range of applications. Different places use different led flood lights, so their prices are different.  Mainly used in the following places :hotel exterior wall, square night view, garden lighting, interior decoration, outdoor flooding.


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