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Led light road


Led light road have been used in cities widely,Road lighting is an important part of urban lighting. Traditional street lamps are often used. High-pressure sodium lamps emit 360 degrees of light, which causes a huge waste of energy. At present, the global environment is deteriorating, and countries are developing clean energy. With the rapid growth of the national economy, the contradiction between energy supply and demand has become increasingly prominent in China. There is a serious shortage of power supply. Energy conservation is an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop new led lights road with high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index and environmental protection for energy saving of urban lighting.

Led light road products

As the best China SL01 supplier,Shanghai Jingrui Lighting Co., Ltd. provides quality SL01 to global clients.

● Use imported integrated LED, high light efficiency, slow light depreciation
● Die-casting aluminum shell, surface electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion treatment
● The structure of the people-oriented design concept, easy for installation and maintenance
● V-shaped thermal conductivity and diversion fin design, dustproof, control the dissipation in good performance
● Power supply and lamp source circuit with the plug and play connectors, easy for installation and maintenance

Led light road specification


ModelPowerCOBLight EfficiencyVoltage(V)CRI(Ra)Power FactorCCT(K)EnvironmentTemperatureLife Time(H)Ctn/PcsPacking size(mm)

Led light road material and features

1. The light body is designed by mimic fluid dynamics, simple and beauty, ultraviolet corrosion resistant treatment on the surface
2. Module designed, the power can be customized, meet the needs of various occassions
3. Dustproof light body is helpful for LED, dissipation, so the LED light can be worked on the best temperature environment, ensure the lamp source and power supply working time
4. Constant current constant voltage control, steady light effect, avoids eye irritation and fatigue from the driving

The future of the Led light road

Led light road is closely related to people's production and life. With the acceleration of urbanization process in China, Led light road gradually come into people's vision with the advantages of directional luminescence, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high seismic capacity, long service life, green environmental protection and so on, and become the most alternative to traditional light sources in the world. Advantages of the new generation of energy-saving light sources, therefore, Led light road will become the best choice for energy-saving transformation of road lighting.



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