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Led street light china


Led street light China stock ranges from 28 million to 30 million. In recent years, the number of new street lamps is 15% - 20%, about 3 million - 6 million. According to the annual number of new street lamps are all LED lamps, calculated at 1000-2000 yuan per lamp, the annual growth is between 3 billion and 6 billion yuan.

Development of Led street light china

The failure rate of Led street light China over 6000 hours is less than 1%. Lighting accounts for about 19% of the world's electricity consumption. If the global lighting system is twice as efficient as the existing one, it would be equivalent to removing half of Europe's electricity consumption and heat exhaust. A global independent experiment has been set up recently. Led street light China can save up to 85% of its energy.

Led street light china Market

In December 2017, China produced 250 million sets of lamps and lighting devices, an increase of 12.45% over the same period last year. From January to December 2017, the national output of lamps and lighting devices reached 2.5 billion sets, an increase of 6.38% over the same period last year. From the output of provinces and cities, the output of lamps and lighting devices in Zhejiang Province reached 1.07 billion sets from January to December 2017, an increase of 9.13% over the previous year, accounting for 42.40% of the total national output; the output of lamps and lighting devices in Guangdong Province reached 870 million sets, a decrease of 44% over the previous year, accounting for 34.43% of the total national output. Led street light has become a hot product made in China and an attractive investment area.

Led street light china manufacturer

Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.Our main products include LED Flood Light, LED Street Light, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc.

Categories of Led street light china

1. According to the height of street lamp: high pole lamp, middle pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp, buried lamp;
2. According to the material of street lamp pole: hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp;
3. According to the shape: Chinese lamp, antique lamp, landscape lamp, single-arm street lamp, double-arm street lamp.
4. According to the mode of power supply: City circuit lamp, solar street lamp and wind-solar complementary street lamp

Led street light china products


● Use imported integrated LED, high light efficiency, slow light depreciation
● Die-casting aluminum shell, surface electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion treatment
● The structure of the people-oriented design concept, easy for installation and maintenance


● The light body is designed on the basis of fluid dynamics, simple and decent, UV-resistance and corrosion treatment applied to the surface
● Modular designed, the power can be customized, meet the needs of various occasions
● Dustproof light body is helpful for LED dissipation, so the LED light can be worked on the best temperature environment, ensure the lamp source and power supply working time


● High performance aluminum (ADC12) die-casting lamp heatsink with good thermal conductivity.
● Aluminum heatsink housing using Akzo Nobel powder coating or Dupont powder coating with high temperature baking process after polishing, cleaning, oil removal, repairing, sandblasting, with clear and gloss surface and strong corrosion resistance.
● The chip bottom of heat conducting surface processed by CNC machine to be smooth after heatsink powder coated, make the SMD and heatsink surface to be coincided with better heat conducting and heat dissipating.


● Integrated die-casting structure, all-metal lamp housing, reasonable design and beautiful shape.
● By using modular pluggable technology, make field servicing be done with only simple tools
● Achieve efficient heat dissipation performance by using Hot Honeycomb Principle and Full Structure Heat Dissipation Technology.
● Reach IP67protection level by using double coupling technology, super-high waterproof and dust-proof.

The future of Led street light china

In the future, the LED street lamp driving power supply will also develop rapidly with the rapid promotion of the LED street lamp. It will be an opportunity for the LED street lamp driving power enterprises with technical and financial strength as support. It is predicted that by 2021, the share of LED in China's lighting market will reach 80%. China will become the largest LED lighting market in the world, with a market scale

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