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Wholesale led grow lights


Looking for wholesale led grow lights? As producers and sellers of led growth lights,we will analyze led growth lights from two major directions: technical principles and marketing.In recent years, Led growth lights has become more and more popular. Demand from all walks of life has brought this high-tech innovative product to people's attention. Led growth lights appear in families, factories and various public places. At the same time, more and more people begin to pay attention to such a magical product.

Wholesale led grow lights with product characteristics

● The effects of different wavelengths of light on plant photosynthesis are different. The light needed for plant photosynthesis is about 400-700 nm. 400-500 nm (blue) light and 610-720 nm (red) light contributed most to photosynthesis.
● Blue (470 nm) and red (630 nm) LED can provide just the light needed by plants, so the ideal choice is to use the combination of these two colors. In visual effect, the combination of red and blue plant lights show pink.
● Blue light can help plant photosynthesis to promote green leaf growth, protein synthesis, fruit formation; Red light can promote plant rhizome growth, contribute to flowering and fruiting and prolong flowering period, play a role in increasing yield.
● The ratio of red and blue LED of led grow lights is generally between 4:1 and 9:1, usually 6-9:1.
● When plant lamp is used to supply light to plants, the height of leaves is about 0.5-1 meters. Continuous irradiation for 12-16 hours per day can completely replace sunlight.
● The effect is remarkable. The growth rate is nearly three times faster than that of natural plants.

Wholesale led grow lights  JR501 description

● Use CREE LED chips which are not only extremely powerful but they can produce the best spectrum for your indoor plants.
● High thermal conductivity aluminum alloy housing make good heat dissipation.
● 380nm-780nm all usefull spectrum design.
● Modular design, easy maintenance.
● Equipped with dimming function, can adjust suitable lamp power consumption according to different growth environment.

Wholesale led grow lights  JR501  specification


ModelPower(W)EPINumberLuminousFlux(Lm)Voltage(V)Beam AngleEnvironmentTemperatureLife Time(H)Product size(mm)



LED grow lights have low power but high efficiency, because other lights emit full spectrum, that is, seven colors, while plants only need red and blue light, so most of the traditional light energy is wasted, so the efficiency is very low. The led grow lights can emit the specific red and blue light needed by plants, so it is very efficient. This is why the power of several watts of led grow lights is better than that of tens or even hundreds of watts.

Another reason is the lack of blue light in the traditional sodium lamp spectrum, and red light in the mercury lamp and energy-saving lamp spectrum, so the traditional lamp light compensation effect is much worse than the LED lamp, and compared with the traditional lamp to save more than 90% of the electricity, the operation cost is greatly reduced.

Wholesale led grow lights  online

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