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Jr lighting LED flood light frontal
Side of outdoor projector
Back of flood lamp

Outdoor projector flood lamp JR 303

  • MODEL:  JR-303
  • POWER:  100W 150W
  • Input Volt.:  AC100-277V DC24V DC48V
  • Light effect:  >100 LM/W
  • Beam Angle:  80° 120°
  • Color temperature:  3000-6000
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Product Features

● Uses American LED chips, single integrated LEDs provide more than 100W

● Uses innovative Vapor Chamber technology combined with LED chip technology, achieves thermoelectric separation, effectively improves chips and radiator heat-transfer rate

● Delicate aluminum alloy extrusions; using air fluid mechanics principle, ventilation and transparent radiation fins, reduces LED flood light wind resistance during overhead working and natural convection for heat dissipation

● Adapted to dusty characteristics of the outdoors, construction sites, mines etc. environments, uses ventilation and transparent radiation fins, effectively avoids dust accumulation on radiation fins, to ensure to heat dissipation which prolongs the life of LEDs

● Light weight and adjustable light angle

● Unique optical lens, scientific light distribution according to application 

● Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports fields, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc.

Product Details

Single integrated light source of more than 100 watts

Single integrated light source of more than 100 watts

Using chips imported from the United States, a single integrated light source of more than 100 watts.

Using vapor chamber technology for stadium light

Using vapor chamber technology

Using vapor chamber technology and combined with on-board chip technology, chip thermoelectric separation is achieved. Effectively improve the heat conduction speed between the chip and the heat sink.

Exquisite aluminum alloy profiles for outdoor flood light

Exquisite aluminum alloy profiles

Exquisite aluminum alloy profiles apply the principles of air- fluid mechanics and adopt permeable heat sinks to reduce the wind resistance of the lamp when working at high altitudes, and realize natural convection heat dissipation of the air heat dissipation, more effectively ensuring the working temperature of the chip.

Lightweight and angle-adjustable for outdoor projector

Lightweight and angle-adjustable

Lightweight and angle-adjustable structural design.

Unique optical lens for flood lamp

Unique optical lens

Unique optical lens, scientific light distribution based on application site.

Long lifespan up to 50,000 hours for outdoor flood projector

Long lifespan up to 50,000 hours

Durable and long lifespan up to 50,000 hours, eliminating the need for frequent lamp replacements.

ModelPower(W)EPINumberLuminousFlux(Lm)Voltage(V)CRI(Ra)Beam AngleCCT(K)EnvironmentTemperatureLife Time(H)Ctn/PcsN.W/G.W(KG)Packing size(mm)
Note:Letter “W” in the model no. stands for AC voltage; “DT” stands for DC24V; “DF” stands for DC48V.







Application Scenarios


Industrial Site

Port terminal

Port Terminal




High Pole Light


Q1: What is the voltage range of your LED flood light?

● We offer a voltage range of AC100~277V and DC12V/DC24V/DC48V.

Q2: How do your products compare to similar products in the market?

● Our products are highly efficient, lightweight, anti-corrosive, and anti-shock performance.

Q3: What certifications have you obtained?

● Our LED Lights are CSA, SAA, CE, and BIS-approved.

Q4: What’s the application for your LED flood Light?

● Our LED flood lights are widely used at Diesel/Solar/Hybrid lighting towers, stadiums, Sports fields, Ports, Industrial places, Construction Sites, Docks, Mining Sites etc

Q5: What’s the luminous efficiency of your LED Flood Light?

● Our LED Flood light offers 150~200lm/w.

Q6: Do you offer a guarantee for the products?

● Yes, We offer a 2-year warranty for DC LED lights and a 3-year warranty for DC LED lights.

Q7: Can your factory make the lights based on customers' designs?

● Yes, we offer OEM and ODM service, we can design and produce according to the client's requests, and we have professional engineers for R&D.

Q8: Are you a factory or trading company?

● We are a factory and trading company integration. our sales center and R&D department are located in Shanghai, and the factory is located in Suzhou City. We welcome customers to visit our factory.


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