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Which are the 5 types of urban street lights?

March 21,2024

Types of Urban Street Lights: Choosing the Right One for Your Community

Whenever it comes to keeping our roads safe and well-lit, JR Lighting urban street lights are an essential element of any city or city. Nowadays but did you know that there are five main types of street lights available on the market? Each type has its own unique importance and innovations, nevertheless they all share a goals  common keeping our driving and walking environments safer, well-lit and comfortable.

Traditional Sodium which was high-Pressure Street Lights

Traditional HPS street lights are a choice  classic in older communities where they are in usage for decades. HPS lights have a bright glow that was yellow-orange provides excellent visibility and can illuminate large areas with ease. They are furthermore very durable and long-lasting, making them a choice  cost-effective most cities. However, HPS light street led are less energy-efficient than newer options like LED lights, which can convert to higher energy bills over time.


LED Street Lights

LED street lights have now been growing in appeal over the decade  last thanks  many their energy efficiency and performance. LED lights use less energy than HPS lights, meaning they're most cost-effective in the run  long.

One of the many significant advantages of led street light was their lifespan. LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours, up to four circumstances longer than HPS lights, which means that lower maintenance costs and less replacements  frequent. 

Induction Street Lights

Induction street lights are a newer option on the market, nonetheless they are gaining popularity due to their efficiency. They're up to 50% more energy-efficient than HPS lights and has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Induction lights have a color that try excellent index (CRI), making them ideal for identifying colors and detail at evening. 

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are an option  communities  excellent need to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. Day they make use of solar panel street light to harness the sun's energy during the and store it in a battery, which powers the light after sundown. Solar street lights need no external power source, making them a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and option  eco-friendly.


Smart Street Lights

Smart street lights are the innovation  new in street technology  lighting provide an entire range of benefits for municipalities. These lights are connected to a network  intelligent which can monitor traffic conditions, pedestrian movement, and even air quality. Smart street lights can be used to data  incorporate are real-time city officials, helping them identify areas that want attention or improvement. 

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